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Sitex Orion-c 10.4"" Mfd

Sitex Orion-c 10.4"" Mfd

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11.90 LBS
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Si-Tex Orion-C 10.4"" Color Chartplotter Fishfinder Combo Unit

Model: Orion-CF
  • C-Map 4D Cartography Only
  • Screen Size 10.4" Touch Screen
  • 52 Channel GPS Receiver that works with U.S. GNSS, Russian GLONASS, and the European GALILEO GPS Networks

Experience the next level of marine navigation with the revolutionary SI-TEX Orion 10.4"" Hybrid Touch Screen Chart Sounder. Building upon the success of the SVS-1010 system, the Orion unit offers a host of enhanced features while maintaining an identical price point.

Featuring a 10.4"" touch screen with a heavy-duty silicone keypad, operators have the freedom to choose their preferred mode of operation. Whether it's utilizing the intuitive touch screen or the reliable keypad, the Orion unit ensures effortless control. Moreover, operators can customize the screen to automatically switch between day and night modes at specified times, adapting to their specific needs.

One standout feature of the Orion unit is its versatility in screen orientation. It can be easily set up in either portrait or landscape layouts, thanks to its adjustable mounting bracket with dual attachment points. With a simple menu command, the screen can seamlessly rotate 90 degrees, catering to individual preferences with ease. Flush mounting is a breeze, facilitated by removable trim pieces on the top and bottom edges for front screw installation.

The Orion unit exclusively employs C-Map 4D Cartography, providing comprehensive and detailed mapping capabilities to enhance your marine adventures.

The unit boasts an internal GPS antenna while also accommodating a simple passive GPS antenna if required. With a 52-channel GPS receiver, the Orion unit seamlessly integrates with U.S. GNSS, Russian GLONASS, and European GALILEO GPS networks, offering reliable and accurate positioning information.

Connectivity options abound with NMEA-2000 and NMEA-0183 network data connections, allowing for seamless integration with other marine electronics systems.

Maximize your navigation capabilities with the Orion unit's impressive waypoint and marks storage capacity of 100,000 points. Select from 16 colors and icons, each customizable with a name tag of up to 8 alphanumeric characters. Additionally, track points storage allows for up to 50,000 points, enabling detailed route planning and analysis.

Equipped with a 50/200kHz sounder, the Orion-CF version offers switchable power outputs of either 600 Watts or 1.5 kilowatts, depending on the connected transducer. This ensures outstanding performance in a variety of fishing conditions.

The Orion unit's fish finder capabilities are truly exceptional. With frequencies of 50 and 200 kHz (single or dual), an output power of 600W or 1.5kW, and an extensive range of up to 1500 meters, you'll experience unparalleled depth and fish detection. The unit offers various image speeds, rejection levels for interference and noise, as well as comprehensive functions such as gain adjustment, range selection, depth shifting, and more. It even supports water temperature measurements and speed sensor integration.